Law Offices of Marie B. Higuera

Family Visa Lawyer

Our lawyers take great satisfaction in helping reunite fiancés, husbands and wives, parents and children, and brothers and sisters by helping them with safe and legal U.S. visa and residence applications. At our Seattle law firm, families receive care and support as well as excellent legal representation during the sometimes discouraging and lengthy processes of application for family-sponsored visas, adjustment of status, consular processing, and other United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) matters. All of our services are available for same-sex couples and families as well as traditional families.

Contact our immigration law offices in Seattle if you would like to arrange a consultation with Ms. Higuera about family-based immigration. When you discuss your family immigration problem with us, we will tell you exactly what to expect and we she can do for you. We are respected for our knowledge of US immigration law and known for our dedication to our clients.

Family-based immigration matters the firm is prepared to handle include:

I-130 petitions for alien relatives, the first step in the legal immigration process for most family members, including same sex families and couples

  • •K-1 visa applications, to permit the fiancé or fiancée of a US citizen to enter the United States in order to marry
  • •K-3 visa applications, to allow the spouse of a US citizen to enter the United States without a long wait
  • •I-485 adjustment of status for family members present in the US, to obtain the green card (resident alien card) necessary to legally live and work in the United States
  • •I-601 and I-601A waivers of inadmissibility in conjunction with an application for residence for family members, for unlawful presence, criminal matters and other grounds of inadmissibility
  • •I-212 waivers of prior removal or deportation in conjunction with a family member's application for residence
  • •I-751 removal of conditions on residence for those whose conditional residency is based on marriage to a US citizen
  • •I-751 waiver of the joint filing requirement for the removal of conditions based on abuse, hardship or good-faith marriage
  • •I-360 self-petitions for survivors of family violence
  • •N-400 naturalization applications to obtain citizenship for legal residents, including disability waivers

Our lawyers also do pro bono work for victims of domestic violence through the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project, helping survivors of domestic violence and crime victims avoid the threat of deportation if they seek protection from their batterers.

If you would like assistance with family-sponsored immigration or naturalization, we will explain exactly what can be done in your case. Contact our immigration law firm in Seattle to make arrangements for a consultation. We offers family immigration services to Pacific Northwest clients in Washington and the Pacific Northwest from our Seattle, Washington office.