Law Offices of Marie B. Higuera

Washington Asylum and Refugee Protection Attorney

Living in fear of persecution is distressing and debilitating. If you have come to the United States seeking refuge because you may be harmed in your country of origin, working with an experienced attorney can help. The Law Offices of Marie B. Higuera, represents people who have been persecuted or are at risk of future persecution because of their:
•Political Opinion
•Particular Social Group (including sexual orientation)

Are you eligible to seek asylum based on your fear of persecution in your home country? We will make a thoughtful analysis of your case.
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Applying for Asylum

Our attorneys are respected for their experience and thorough understanding of asylum law. We have extensive experience with affirmative applications for asylum, and defensive applications made in removal proceedings. If you are fear harm in your country of origin based on a protected ground, you may be eligible for asylum. To apply, you must show persecution is a reasonable possibility.

Applying for Withholding of Removal

For those who do not qualify for asylum because they did not apply on time or have certain criminal convications, the Law Offices of Marie B. Higuera can determine whether you may be eligible for other similar forms of relief, such as withholding of removal.We can also assist with applications for relief under the Convention Against Torture, for individuals not eligible for asylum, but who fear serious harm upon return to their country of origin.

The Law Offices of Marie Higuera is experienced in many types of asylum claims, including:
•Persecution based on your actual or imputed political opinion and activity
•Religious persecution
•Persecution based on ethnic group or nationality
•Persecution based on sexual orientation
•Persecution because of HIV status
•Gender based persecution, including persecution by a domestic partner or other family member (domestic violence)